This Game of Thrones fan mum is the real Queen

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Deep down, all of us have a sense that we were born with greatness. Which is possibly why we’re all so obsessed with Game of Thrones. And why this one mum has publicly declared herself the queen of her very own kingdom.

Marigold Henderson has captured hearts and conquered the internet with own epic declaration of sovereignty. While at a Game of Thrones pop-up bar in Washington D.C., her 24-year-old daughter Nandi shared her epic post on Twitter, and it’s since gone viral. 

A self-proclaimed ‘Minder of her own Business’, ‘Slayer of her travel bucket list’ and 'Wanter of women to be kinder to each other', Marigold reminds us that all mums are royalty in our own way. Check out her full pronouncement below!

Slay kween!