Dinosnores meditation series - now weeknights 7pm

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Need a hand getting the kids to sleep? Catch the award-winning Dinosnores meditation series weeknights at 7:30pm.  

Designed by child language experts for pre-schoolers and school kids, these hour-long stories use relaxation and visualisation techniques to take them on an imaginative journey, complete with calming vocal rhythms and soothing natural soundscapes. They work on parents too (Zzzzz!)

Covering characters from dinosaurs to fairies, mermaids to honeybees, you can hear a Dinosnore story every night (as part of our Settle Petal programming), followed by Sleepy Soundtrack from 8pm to 5am.

Stream the ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ episode now and get snoozing:

If you like what you hear, you can buy Dinosnores from dinosnores.com com for $19.99, download on iTunes for $16.99 and also find them at sleep specialists and great children’s stores.  

Hear creator Sherene Alfreds' interview with Kinderling Conversation: