Getting to know: Designer mum Chloe Brookman

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Chloe Brookman is the co-founder and director of Olli Ella, a collection of effortless decor for the whole family. She shares 10 pieces of insight into her everyday life with kiddies!

1. Most recent parenting win?

Raising two boys who are so nurturing and caring for their baby sister. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness how much they adore her and take responsibility for her. My husband and I joke that our eldest is like the third parent ;)

Third child with third parent 👆🏼

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2. Song on high rotation at your house?

'I’m Still Standing' - Elton John.

3. Favourite parents to follow on Instagram? 

I have three! MadebylonHouseinhabit and Courtneyadamo.

4. Go-to family meal?

Homemade spinach pesto pasta.

5. A recent moment where your kids almost broke you?

Two nights ago at dinner where our one-year-old only wanted to eat dinner standing on the table (with no one holding her to prevent her from falling, of course!), our five-year-old who wanted to show us his new trick (on repeat) of mooning us, throughout the meal, and our eldest who was cackling away the whole time encouraging his two younger siblings in their pursuits!

Last day of school // discussing the diet of Lemon Sharks ("they only eat lemons!" declares Arlo)

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6. Most well-thumbed book on your kids shelf? 

Anything Roald Dahl - my favourite read to them is Revolting Rhymes.

7. Trends you're loving right now?

Interiors - am loving brightly coloured Terrazzo, wood panelling, natural materials.

Fashion - I can’t get enough of the classics; a good pair of ankle boots, a great pair of jeans, and my favourite tee - I don’t really stay on top of fashion trends! I hear bootleg jeans are back?

8. A joke one of your children tell?

My son: “Will you always remember me?”

Me: “Yes”

Him: "Knock, knock"

Me: “Who’s there?”

Him: Roars in laughter because I’ve forgotten him already ;)

9. When you have half an hour away from work and kids, you like to…

Take a hot bath, or go for a run and cook something delicious.

10. Parenting motto? 

It’ll be bedtime soon (just joking!).

The things we take for granted right now are the things we will miss the most in the years to come.

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