On the move: 3 travel essentials to make leaving home with kids easy

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Trips outside the house for just a few hours are tricky enough with little ones. What about if you need to extend those outings to overnight, a week, even longer?!

Content Editor for Tell Me Baby and mum of two, Mim Jenkinson, shares the most popular travel products for parents on their website, to make holidays and overnight visits that much easier.

1. Baby Jogger City Select

This is the most popular travel item so far, Mim says. “Most of my friends have this one, it’s got 60+ reviews and a four-and-a-half-star rating.”

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“It’s a great on- and off-road jogger stroller. It’s really easy to assemble … the steering is good, it has a really big basket as well and it just seems to tick all of the boxes.” 

One reviewer says, “I absolutely love this pram!! I walk everywhere, often "off-road" and have yet to come across a surface this pram cannot handle. I love how easy it is to steer, and get over gutters and other obstacles.” The same reviewer did mention one little flaw - “Only downside it is huge and takes up a lot of room in the car, definitely not suitable for small boots.”

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2. BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

“I’m a big personal fan of this one as well,” Mim says. “I have two of these … most of my mum group has them as well.”

She says it is exactly what you want for moving about with bub, since young families just have SO MUCH STUFF when travelling already.

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“It’s very light, as the name suggests,” Mim says. “It’s super easy to assemble, you literally take it out of the bag, give it a bit of a shake, the legs pop up and it clicks into place immediately. It’s really easy to take up and take down.”

While this one has a slightly higher price point than others in the market, Mim says from her personal experience, and from feedback on the Tell Me Baby website, that it’s well worth the extra cost for the ease it provides. Some parents also said that it was a little tall, and it was tricky to get bub in if you’re not so vertically inclined!

3. Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity NEOS Baby Capsule

A car seat is often the first port of call for a new parent – how else can they get home from the hospital?!

Mim says the Britax Unity NEOS capsule is the way to go for newborns, “This one actually has a five star rating [out of fourteen reviews], so it’s really really highly recommended from our parents, and again they say it’s very easy to install.”

Most parents love that they can use adaptors to fit the capsule onto their pram, and the fact that bub can stay facing the back of the car for more time. 

 “It helps baby to stay rear facing for longer as well, and our parents are telling us it’s really safe and comfortable,” Mim says.