Healthy Harold saved with new sponsorship deal

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Credit: Life Education Facebook

We're ecstatic - Healthy Harold and his parent company Life Education has officially been saved! 

The organisation experienced funding cuts from the Australian government last month, causing outcry across the country. 

Fortunately, the new three-year $1.5million partnership with iSelect means that Life Education will be able to reach children all across the country this coming year. 

David Ballhausen, Life Education Australia CEO, explains how it will specifically help on their website:

“iSelect clearly recognises the compelling need that exists across our community for strong, sustained and effective preventive health education.  In 2017/18 we expect more than 750,000 young Australians will participate in our program.  This ongoing growth in program participation is clear evidence of our relevance and usefulness to schools and their students, their teachers and their parents.  School demand for our program consistently outstrips our capacity to supply it.   This partnership with iSelect will ensure that we can continue to develop and grow our program.”

It's such an important program, both for nostalgic parents that grew with Harold and for the next generation, so they can learn about living safely.