Hear our new Minute Of Listening audio series

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Kinderling is very excited to announce our new Minute of Listening show.

Initially created in the UK by Sound and Music, the national charity for new music, the innovative series aims to inspire little ones to ‘creatively listen’ with short sonic adventures they’ll love. Each episode asks kids to identify sounds – it could be a plane, a band or the sounds of the bush – and then asks questions. It’s fun, creative and quite relaxing.

You can hear it on Kinderling throughout the day or stream them below. 

The importance of listening

Listening, and the way we experience sound, has a huge impact on our lives. Yet in a predominantly visual culture, time is rarely dedicated to exploring our aural experiences and to developing our ability to listen in a concentrated or imaginative way. 

Minute of Listening provides a simple and effective way of introducing a culture of curious, engaged and reflective listening at home or in the classroom and offers a structured, daily activity that lets families  explore a wide variety of sonic experiences.