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Hear the song that finally kicked Baby Shark out of #1 position

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Move over, Baby Shark, there's a new catchy kids' tune in town - and this one's rocking an '80s Cindi Lauper synth vibe and a body positive message that you'll want your kids to sing on repeat. Oh, and yesterday it also kicked Baby Shark out of the top spot on iTunes.

Tell me more ...

The song is called Embrace by Kinderling favourites Pevan & Sarah, featuring the voice of Taryn Brumfitt from the Body Image Movement (@bodyimagemovement). All profits from the song will go towards a documentary Taryn is making that aims to "equip kids with tangible tools to foster a positive body image" - and I think we all can all agree that that's a cause worth getting behind!

Give it a listen here:

If you're a fan, make sure you show your support by downloading on iTunes!

Stuck in your head yet?

You've gotta admit - it's definitely an ear worm. But if we hear our kids dancing around the house singing, "I've gotta embrace my body, I've only got one, I've gotta embrace my body, show it some love" - we're not going to complain!

Pevan and Sarah are school teachers with a passion for making songs that mean something for the world's young people. As they shared in a recent Instagram post, "In a world where million dollar companies are profiting from our insecurities, where the media continues to present a certain body 'type' as perfection, where people are conditioned to believe that a 'bikini body' is a thing, I hate to think about the impact that all of these things are having on our little ones."

"Everyone, especially kids, deserve to love their bodies. It is our responsibility to teach kids to base their self-worth on more than their physical appearance."

The message has really hit home

Aside from taking out the #1 spot on iTunes, the song is also getting a heap of positive feedback from fans and parents.

"It is an AMAZING song with the most powerful message," one commenter shares. "Thank you for writing this for all young people of the next generation. So catchy and we can’t stop singing it at our house!"

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