Here's what growing triplets does to your body

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Meet Maria, AKA the Triplets of Copenhagen Instagrammer, and her husband, Anders. They're about to welcome a baby boy and two baby girls – and it’s fair to say that the triplet-mum-to-be’s body has reached capacity!

Three is the magic number

It’s not the couple’s first rodeo, they’re already parents to two-year-old Mikael, but it’s their first experience of triplets and the learning curve looks … bumpy.

The pair met on Tinder four years ago, welcomed son Mikael and then married a couple of months ago. Their impending triplets were conceived naturally – which is very rare – and will be delivered by c-section later today.

They’ll be at 37 weeks gestation when they arrive and things are looking great.

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“In the beginning, we feared that I would have to be hospitalized or put to bed rest towards the end,” Maria explained. “We are very happy that I’ve made it this far without any serious complications.”

“We are so ready”

The big event can’t come soon enough with this amazing mum and we can’t even imagine it!

“We’ll finally meet our babies, and I won’t have to drag around this 20kg bump anymore,” Maria posted on Instagram. “We are SO ready for the next chapter!”

Maria’s been sharing week-by-week progress shots online and detailing the challenges of growing three babies at once, as well as the triumphs, and admits these final weeks were spent pretty much horizontal.

“TV series, podcasts, sleeping, browsing on my phone, and so on,” are how the days roll out, Maria said. “Mixed in with babies kicking, heartburn and quite a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions.”

“The babies are kicking hard and moving around all day and night, to great discomfort. And my belly feels so full and stretched; I literally have to lift it with my hands to be able to turn over in bed.”

Dear GOD.

A video Maria shared on her Insta account shows just how busy her babies are getting, and while it seems impossible that there is any room to move in there, these triplets beg to differ.

We wish this amazing mum the very best delivery possible, with three strong and healthy babies as a result.

Update! Not long after we wrote this post, Maria gave birth to her beautiful babies! You can see the photos here

This post originally appeared on Babyology.