HG Nelson and Chris Taylor host our new sports show We Was Robbed

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We’re pretty excited about this! This Saturday we kick off our new family sport show We Was Robbed, hosted by two of the quickest wits in the game, HG Nelson (This Sporting Life, The Dream) and Chris Taylor (The Chaser, CNNN).

Podcast it now on Apple (via iTunes) or Android (via Podcast Republic or Podcast Addict)

Celebrating the rite of passage that is kids’ weekend sport (and the grown-ups that drive them around), HG and Chris will serve up a two-hour live show full of news, topical talk and off-side humour every Saturday from 8-10am. Plus expect interviews with superstars, super-coaches, big names and little legends kicking goals around the country.

Listen to the guys' interview with Kinderling Conversation

Talking about the show, HG added: We Was Robbed will waddle around the world of sport digging into scores, revealing the latest training techniques, finding the right pair of big shorts and illuminating the tricky art of cutting up a half time orange. (All parents think that’s easy, but it’s not.)”

"All my life I've dreamed of co-hosting a radio show with Sam Frost," added Chris. "But until that dream's realised, I guess I'll have to settle for HG Nelson."

You can hear the show on DAB+ digital radio, streaming right here or via our new app (grab it from iTunes or Google Play). Plus subscribe to the podcast (coming soon) or replay the show online on Saturday afternoons.

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Visit the We Was Robbed show page

We Was Robbed is proudly supported by Volvo Cars Australia