Photobombed! 13 hilarious baby photo fails

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These photos give 'baby shower' a whole new meaning! Check out some of our favourite 'photobombs' from glamour photo shoots gone so, so wrong. 

1. Wet and wild

Credit: Abbie Rogers Photography

2. Head of the family

Credit: Missbrooooke/Reddit

3. "Classic catch, mum!"

Credit: Alisa Sue Photography/Facebook

4. BYO bubbler

Credit: Debbie Piccione / Pinterest

5. Little squirt!


6. "Sis, I love spew!"

Credit: Lauren Ashley Photography

7. Mustard is the new black

Credit: Kristine Ryan Photography

8. Shot by 'Brown Road photography', no joke

Credit: Brown Road Photography

9. Picking a winner

Credit: Creter Photography

10. Bubbler for two

Credit: Peekaboo Photos

11. Good spill hunting

Credit: Peekaboo Photos

12. Fountain of youth

Credit: Dalia Drulia Photography/Flickr

13. Bringing pooey back

Credit: Memory Portraits by Gigi