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How to make fun, tactile foam from a tin of chickpeas

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Have you been introduced to the magic of aquafaba yet? 

To make it, you simply strain the liquid from a tin of chickpeas and beat it for a few minutes, transforming the liquid into a stiff foam. For added structural integrity, add a pinch of Cream of Tartar.

This concoction has become the basis for a host of vegan recipes, used as an alternative for eggs in meringue, foamy cocktails and loads of baked goods. But turns out this clever ingredient isn't just for foodies.

Foodie yum to sensory fun

Parents have discovered that aquafaba is also a really great base for making a safe, edible foam - aka the less infuriating version of slime.

We recently saw a post by Kate (@homelearningfrombirth) on Instagram, and it's inspired us to pull out the chickpeas, pronto!  

"Foodies know it as aquafaba, educators as foam," the mum-of-four captioned her post. "But whatever you call it, it pleases kids of all ages. 4 kids from 2yrs-11 years getting messy with edible foam that keeps its form longer than shaving foam and healthier on your skin." 

Perfect for little hands

Little kids love sensory, hands-on play - and the texture of this foam will have them enthralled for hours. Put it in a bucket with a few small vessels and see what they come up with!

To make it even more appealing, simply add a few drops of food colouring. Who's ready to give it a try?!

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