How to make your single mum friends feel special this Mother’s Day

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last few weeks dropping subtle (and not-so-subtle) hints for what you’d like this Mother’s Day.

A sleep in. A manicure. Maybe a pair of those soft-puppy-dog-sock-style slippers like the ones the kids got for Easter.

Single mums, on the other hand, have no one to drop hints to.

At least, their hints are probably much less successful.

Have you ever met a two-year-old that allows an adult to sleep in? Ever? It’s also quite challenging for a six-year-old to trundle up to the closest nail place to buy mum a voucher with the gold coins the tooth fairy left them.

Friends of single mums, it’s up to us - those who have a second pair of hands around. It’s our job to make our single parent mums feel good this Mother’s Day.

Here are some suggestions gleaned from Lucy Good, single mum of two and founder of Beanstalk  Mums

1. Let your fingers do the talking

Send your friend a lovely text in the morning. Tell her what a great mum she is, and how well she’s doing with her kids.

As Lucy says, “One of my best friends is a single dad and he never ever misses Mother’s Day. He sends me the most beautiful text telling me what a wonderful mother and person that I am and how wonderful my kids are. That makes my day every year because it’s just about being recognised by someone for what you do.”

2. Give them some time off

If your partner has given you the morning off, maybe head around to your friend’s and take their kids for the afternoon. Just a few hours, it doesn’t have to be all day. Or, if the idea of looking after someone else’s children on Mother’s Day feels strange, give her a few options in the following week.

3. Give them your company

If they don’t have their kids on Mother’s Day, take them for a drink and celebrate being awesome mums together. No one wants to be alone on a day when every other mother is being celebrated.

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4. Send them something in the post

You may need to send it express post if you’re reading this now, but sometimes getting a package or even a card in the post is a bit magic.

“They can have it sitting on the side ready to open on Mother's Day, so they've got a gift there.”

5. Vouchers make the best gifts

While chocolates and flowers will always be appreciated, Lucy says the best thing for single mums can often be a gift voucher. It means the mum can choose when to use it.

“Perhaps going to the cinema or getting my nails done or something like that because a voucher gives you something to look forward to.”

6. Pre-planned missions with their children

One single mum on my Facebook has a good friend who gives her the perfect gift.

“My friend takes my son to buy me a gift. It lets him feel special about buying me a gift and makes it a genuine surprise for me. It’s also a few hours to myself, so wins all round.”

We all want to feel special and appreciated on Mother’s Day. Let’s share the love around.