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How would you feel if someone gifted a second hand item at your child's party?

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Few events manage to gather excess plastic and waste quite like a kids' birthday party - the plastic plates, the masses of torn wrapping paper, the gifted toys coddled in layers of thick packaging ... surely there has to be a more sustainable way to throw a kids' party?

While there are solutions for most of these, there is a pull for parents to abide by social norms and expectations in these situations - because it's not just about them. It's about their child and their child's friendships.


I think most of us can relate to the idea that our kids have too much 'stuff'. Perhaps it's a board game that never gets played with, a pristine stuffed toy that doesn't get much attention, or a collection of blocks or books that are simply gathering dust. 

Perhaps this idea could be a nice way to purge your own home, while also thinking about things that could get more love in a new home? It could also go a long way in teaching kids about upcycling and household waste.

The biggest barrier ...

Most parents we know think this re-gifting idea is a great one, however they did flag one crucial thing: while they love the idea, they weren't sure their kid would respond so graciously.

Do you think a second-hand gift would fly with your child? Maybe it's a simple matter of managing their expectations prior to the party? Let us know your thoughts in the Facebook comments!

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