Introducing Aaron Elias Brunsdon: A dad whose journey to fatherhood was windy

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Aaron Elias Brunsdon and his partner, fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon, really wanted to be fathers, but it was a long and painful road getting there. Aaron tells the tale in his book, Designer Baby, and we ask him what life is like now their son is here, and growing up.

1. What is your favourite thing about being a father?

Everything. Being a parent is a blessing. When my son says “I love you Daddy,” that is everything to me…

2. What’s your favourite thing to do with your son?

Every minute of the day with him is special! We love going to the park and playground and bedtime gives us all three of us the opportunity to be together and talk about our day. Our son always entertains us with his stories. We also love reading, so we take turns reading book after book and before you know it, its 9pm and we all fall asleep.

3. What is the thing you miss most about life pre-children?

Going to watch a movie with my partner or having a night out.

4. What has been the biggest surprise for you about being a father?

You stop having a life. In fact you never stop working, there’s always something to do whether it is housework, cooking, running around, picking up from day-care… It’s all good though. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

5. What does 'me time' look like for you?

Me time is 5am when I am at the gym working out for an hour, but this happens rarely. It’s the only time I get to be alone and before you know it, it’s over and I have to be home to get ready for day-care and work.

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