Introducing Tinder For Parents (the parody video)

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Swipe right! Check out this very funny video for Tinder For Parents, an imaginary app set to solve the struggle of finding new park playmates.

Poking fun at every parent’s playtime dilemma and online dating apps, the Buzzfeed video shows a couple cruising for new families to befriend, rejecting some (anti-vaxxers, Trump supporters, rightfully) and choosing another, before stressing out about what to write. 

It’s a shame it’s actually not real – it’d be handy on those days your  bestie annoyingly pikes last minute and leaves you in the park without a wingman / woman (sigh).

If you want more giggles, check out our April’s Fools Day app Tinderling, which some people thought / hoped was real! Maybe some day, it will be. 


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