Jimmy Barnes teams up with The Wiggles for new album and book

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In a colossal collaboration, one of Australia’s most famous singers Jimmy Barnes has joined forces with the country's most famous kids entertainers The Wiggles to release a new album and book for children.

Entitled Och Aye the G’Nu, the project includes an illustrated book of Jimmy’s poems (out April 1) and a star-studded double album which puts them to music (out March 31).

Centred around a young travelling gnu (a type of antelope), the book's title is a nod to Jimmy’s Scottish heritage and a play on a well-known Scot saying ‘Och aye the noo’, which translate to ‘oh yes, just now’.

Och Aye the G’Nu was written for my grandchildren,” explains the singer and Cold Chisel frontman.  “Glasgow holds a special place in my heart and it was also inspired by my love of Scotland”.

The Wiggles join Jimmy to write new songs

The book comes with a CD of Jimmy reading the poems, but also coincides with a separate double album. Jimmy pulled in the big guns for the music, enlisting old friend and Blue Wiggle Anthony Field to co-write. Also joining the party are Wiggles new and old, including Emma, Simon and Jeff Fatt (who woke up especially). The Barnes family also make a guest appearance on vocals.

Jimmy and The Wiggles go way back - previously, he's appeared on their show as the black Wiggle.

“It has been such an honour and a pleasure to work with my old friends The Wiggles, on this project,” says Jimmy. “Anthony is the best in the world in this field and he guided me through this project every step of the way. We had a lot of fun doing it too.”

Anthony adds: "The songs on Och Aye the G'Nu are absolutely beautiful, they come from Jimmy's heart. There's also a great sense of fun, perfect for the young listener. Every morning we'd come into the studio and be so excited, we knew we were working on a very special project for children. It was one of the greatest experiences working with Jimmy."

Check out the album on the ABC Shop site and the book on the Five Mile Press website