Jimmy Giggle leaves DWTS after newborn son suffers serious injury

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Jimmy Giggle has had his world turned upside down after his two-month-old son went in for a routine operation that went horribly wrong. 

The popular children's performer announced he has quit Dancing With The Stars and honestly, we don’t blame him one little bit because this sounds absolutely terrible.

Jimmy steps away from DWTS

Jimmy Giggle and wife Tori are parents to three beautiful boys named Lenny, Mack and Vinny. Mack and Vinny are two-month-old twins. Lenny is a gorgeous and spirited three-year-old preschooler.

The family have all been working hard to juggle the twins’ arrival and support Jimmy’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars. But this exciting time was all turned on its head this week when baby Mack suffered a serious injury and had to be rushed to hospital.

Tori posted an update for fans on her Instagram account, asking for support and explaining that the couple’s baby son was very, very unwell. A routine procedure took a terrible turn and baby Mack lost a lot of blood and ultimately had to be put on a ventilator.

“Please send my beautiful Mack loads of strength and love,” an understandably distressed Tori posted.

“I took him today to get a simple tongue tie fixed and the man cut a main blood vessel. He was rushed via ambulance to a hospital, needed CPR, blood transfusion and now we are in NETS going to Children’s Hospital. Mack is on a ventilator. Please give him so much strength for us. We are speechless.”

“That is horrifying”

Jimmy and Tori’s followers rallied to support the couple as they responded to Mack’s injury.

“Can’t imagine how traumatic this has been,” one follower posted. “Sending love and prayers for your family.”

“That is horrifying,” another fan commented. “I’m so sorry, very glad to hear he is stable. Sending love and good vibes.”

“Oh no, how terrifying,” someone else wrote. “Sending you so much strength and love for a speedy recovery. I can’t even imagine your anguish.”

“In a stable condition”

Understandably, Jimmy has dropped everything to be with his family at this awful time, walking away from Dancing With The Stars.

“Due to personal reasons, Jimmy Rees (aka Jimmy Giggle) has decided to withdraw from Dancing With The Stars,” Network Ten statement reads, explaining that just weeks before the Dancing With The Starscompetition began, Jimmy and his wife, Tori, welcomed twins.

“His seven-week-old son, Mack, recently suffered complications during a routine procedure and is in hospital in a stable condition. Understandably, Jimmy has left the competition to be by his son, and wife Tori’s side, during this difficult time.”

The network sent their well-wishes to this family at what is obviously a tricky time.

“Network 10, Warner Bros, and all the contestants and crew on Dancing With The Stars wish baby Mack a safe and speedy recovery and thank Jimmy for his time on the show.”

Gosh. We send all our healing vibes in this family’s direction too. 

This article originally appeared on Babyology.