Kinderling’s school holidays survival guide

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Heading into the silly season and need to entertain the kids? Want options that aren’t just endless Peppa Pig repeats on YouTube?

Don’t worry, we've got you sorted! We’ve got an all-star line-up of awesome audio programs that’ll ensure the kids don’t just survive the break, they’ll thrive too. Whether you’re going on vacation or laying low on a staycation, hitting the road or the beach, we’ve got the music and activities to get the kids moving, singing and learning along the way.

Listen to them all now on our free app available now on Apple  and Android.

1. Kinderling Mixtapes for those long drives

Going on a roadtrip these holidays? Beat the boredom by pumping your favourite fam jams with Mixtapes! From Australia's Family Road Trip and Car Karaoke to Don't Worry, Be Happy, and more. Download them with our free app and then play them wherever you like, data-free!

2. Play & Learn for creative listening activities

Does your kid just LOVE learning? Join The Vegetable PlotLah-Lah and Miss Sally on our Play & Learn show for exciting activities, stories and imagination as we meet and learn about healthy food, the human body, animals and more!

Play & Learn is specially designed with early childhood educators to develop kids' language, coordination, emotional development and school readiness. Let the play begin!

3. Audio stories to captivate the kids

For those long roadtrips - whether it's heading up the coast, or to the bakery for a pie - tune into our latest audio stories!

Our app boasts almost 100 audio stories, including Aaron Blabey's Pig the Star, Damon Young's My Nanna is a Ninja and Ambelin Kwayullina's Crow and the Waterhole!

4. Bedtime Explorers will soothe the kids to sleep

Sweet dreams are made of this! Get your children all set for sleep with our Bedtime Explorers meditations, hosted by mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. Explore the beach, visit a magical island and ride a rocket to the moon and more – the kids will be asleep before they end.

5. The Beanies’ big adventures for little ears

Ditch the screens and join The Beanies in their award-winning podcast for kids - it's a journey jam-packed with fun songs and exciting adventures!

6. Sleepy Soundtracks for the best bedtime

Little one unsettled during all the festive cheer? Whether it’s staying at a new place, fireworks or just too much excitement, our Sleepy Soundtracks will soothe them to sleep with hours of gorgeous ambient music.

7. Hey Duggee and Go Jetters

Everyone’s favourite adventure pooch, Hey Duggee, and the Go Jetters crew - Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz - are now playing every day on Kinderling Kids Radio! Plus you can download a bunch of episodes for offline listening in our free app

8. Guided meditations for parents

Holidays can get a little hectic sometimes! Take a moment to reset and relax with Kinderling Meditations. Hosted by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, these easy ten-minute mindfulness exercises will help you find calm in the chaos.

Happy holidays!