Celebrate snoozing with Kinderling's Week of Sleep!

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This July, Kinderling Kids Radio celebrates the holy grail of parenting - a Week of Sleep.

Every parent knows the physical, psychological and emotional challenge of being up night after night with a child that won’t settle. From the fatigue to the forgetfulness; the puffy eyes to nodding off in the coffee line, sleep deprivation can really take the shine off the parenting journey. 

So for seven days and seven nights, Kinderling Kids Radio will arm sleep deprived parents with all the tools necessary to take on the challenge of the z’s. 

The Promise of Sleep

This important new parenting podcast aims to get everyone in your home sleeping better. Through the series, Kinderling Conversation’s Shevonne Hunt talks to real families and experts about all the big sleep topics - like how to choose a sleep consultant, co-sleeping, self-settling, sleep disorders and how to deal with a debilitating lack of sleep.

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Bedtime Explorers Animal Magic

Every child’s favourite bedtime meditation launches ten brand new episodes, all themed around animals. In this strengths-based series, mindfulness coach, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, leads children on calming imaginative journeys, while teaching them easy-to-learn meditation techniques along the way. A perfect way to settle little ones down for a restful night’s sleep.

Bedtime Explorers Animal Magic launches during Kinderling’s Week of Sleep on Monday July 23. Tune in every evening at 7pm or listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

Bedtime Explorers is brought to you by Huggies Nappy Pants - up to 12-hour absorbency means a fuss-free sleep.

Max Richter’s Sleep

Max Richter's Sleep composition is the longest single neoclassical piece of music ever recorded. And at eight hours and thirty minutes, is intended to be 'experienced' while the listener is asleep. Max says: "When I look at my children I wonder where they will find rest. Those moments of being that they used to have as tiny babies, arms outstretched, trusting of the world. I’ve long wanted to write something that might soothe them, so this is my personal lullaby for a frenetic world – a manifesto for a slower pace of existence."

We're also giving away 10 copies of the album! Head to our Facebook page to enter.

Tune in via digital radio, our free app or online to hear the full eight hour and thirty minute composition of Sleep, every night, without interruption, during our Week of Sleep, 23rd - 29th July.

Kinderling Conversation

As part of our grown-up programming Shevonne Hunt and the Kinderling Conversation crew are bringing interviews with sleep experts such as Dr Lara Jana looking into toddler sleep and day naps. Psychologist Melissa Hughes chats about the impact sleep deprivation has on our relationship and how to navigate those bleary eyed arguements. Our weekly helpline show Kinderling Helpline brings in mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue to take answer your questions all about sleep at your place.

Other highlights

During the Week of Sleep, Kinderling Kids Radio will be brimming with resources to help you get the family sleeping well. We'll also be featuring composers Nat Bartsch, Luke Howard and Lambert, with other calming songs sprinkled throughout the day from the likes of Brian Eno, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Michael Nyman and more.

The best part is we have these resources available all year round, too! From the Story of the Week in Settle Petal to include in your bedtime routine, to our overnight Sleepy Soundtrack, plus Mixtapes for relaxation, we've got your chill time covered.