Leave a special radio message for your grandparents this Grandparent's Day!

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Hey Kinderling kids!

Do you have a grandpa or grandma or nana or pop that you love to bits?  Well why not send them a surprise message for Grandparents Day here on Kinderling!

Just call in and leave your personal message, then tune in to hear it in the week leading up to - or on - Grandparents Day on Sunday October 28.

Remember to tell them why you love them and why they are special to you! And don't forget to say your name, so they know it’s from you.

It's easy, just grab a grown-up, call 1800 KIDS RADIO (aka 1800 543 772) and make your grandparents' Grandparents Day very special.

There’s no time to waste! Call and leave your message anytime before the end of Thursday October 25.