How to limit your child’s chocolate intake

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Now that the Easter bunny and the rellies have visited, and there’s chocolate galore, how can you ensure your kids aren’t eating too much of it?! 

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue explains on this Easter special of Kinderling Helpline.

Listen to Chris on Kinderling Helpline:  

“It’s a really difficult one, because you can control what you give your children, but you can’t control what others give your children,” says Chris. 

“Little people under two, they don’t understand regulation. They just see food, eat food, they’re in that mindset.” 

When you see a child being given food as a gift, it’s best to hold onto some of it. “I would probably stash it away and give it out in small bits as treats,” says Chris.

Explain that you’re not going to have all of it now, Chris suggests. Some will be for today, so they can choose a couple, and then the rest will be for treats later. 

When giving food and treats to other children, it’s a good idea to ask their parents first.

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