"Live your truth": This mum's honest post could change your life

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In the immortal words of Fleetwood Mac, "Go your own way."

And that's the same message I took from an incredible post from blogger Bronwyn Mandile from MumLyfe

Exhausted by the heroes of Instagram, Bron calls bullsh*t on their prescriptive recipe for success.

So strap in, adjust your glasses and get ready for some truth telling - mum style!

You can thank us later :) 

Bron writes:

Be who you are

I'm just a little bit tired of life trying to mold us all into the same person. It's especially tiring as we try to raise our kids to 'march to your own drum', be who you are, live your truth. But only if your truth is getting up at 5.30am each day to go for a run/ drink a green smoothie/ journal / meditate / and update Instagram. 

Who decided we'd all like to live the same way? 

Happiness is a personal destination 

Truth is, I hate mornings. I never, ever get out of bed a second before I absolutely have to and even then it's the worst part of my day. I get most of my work done at night after the Instagram people are all dreaming their big dreams. 

I don't fit a standard size of clothing, let alone a child's size. I don't own any active wear. I don't eat fruit and have never juiced it. I get frustrated when I do yoga, but I do it anyway because a big part of me appears to like being cranky.

My favourite food is butter. 

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Don’t change ‘you’

My kids have never worn white without accessorising with various oil and dirt marks. My son hasn't brushed his hair since about 2007. My husband thinks buying a new work shirt is an event.

But you know what, we are happy and okay out there in the world. If people are judging us in person, I've never noticed it, but maybe that's because I don't expect it. I like to let the early-rising, kale-drinking, go-getters get wherever they are going and I'd like to think they let me get on with my thing too. Shhhh, please, just let me get on with my thing too ...

We might not fit society's idea of perfection, but we are bloody perfect just the way we are.

Are you trying to 'change' to fit society's ideal, or just work with what you've got?"