These eco-friendly building blocks will rock your socks

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What happens to your kids’ toys after they get sick of them? Often it's straight into the bin and as it stands across the world, landfill could cover Argentina - the eighth largest country on the planet. 

Philipp Enders was pondering this and it led him to ask the question, “What can we do to help our planet be healthier?” 

After a bit of research he’s brought all-natural toy bricks to Australia from LUCKYS®, Germany, and we’re oh so glad! 

The duplo-like bricks are made from 100% renewable resources. With no plastic, petroleum or BPA at all, the colours are non-toxic and the bricks are complete biodegradable. 

“The eco toy bricks are made out of starch, in combination with leftovers of wood manufacturing,” Philipp says. “In theory, if you had a big garden and a place where you compost items, you could stick these bricks in there and within two years or less they would completely decompose and become soil.” 

Philipp also assures that the whole process from start to finish is considerate of the environment; “These bricks have won many, many accolades in Germany and around Europe for being sustainable, for being produced in a way that won’t harm the environment in any way.” 

Listen to Philipp on Kinderling Conversation:

And what’s great is that visually, you can barely tell the difference between these and regular Duplo, plus they’re interchangeable for play. 

There’s one more special element to these that we think is amazing – $1 from every sale goes to the Humpty Dumpty Foundation, who provide life-saving children’s medical equipment to support very premature babies through NICU. 

Right now, the only place you can buy these in Australia right now is 

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