Celebrating the power and magic of lullabies with The Lullaby Effect podcast

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Is there anything sweeter than singing to your child?

We've curated the best lullaby stories and songs for little people and their grown ups. With a podcast exploring the science behind singing to our kids, Settle Petal lullaby specials and a mixtape of Australia's Favourite Lullabies - as voted by you!

Listen to The Lullaby Effect podcast

The Lullaby Effect is an exciting podcast hosted by award-winning researcher and music educator Dr Anita Collins.

Listen to episodes exploring the latest science behind lullabies, the importance of moving when you sing,  feeding your brain (and your baby's brain) through song and much more.

You can find The Lullaby Effect wherever you get your podcasts, and in the free Kinderling App.

Listen to The Lullaby Effect

Tune into Kinderling Conversation

Over on our parenting show Kinderling Conversation host Shevonne Hunt explores the history and science behind singing lullabies with experts, professional musicians and parents alike.

Download lullabies for your family

Every night parents and carers work hard to make sure the soundscape across the airwaves is perfect for heading off to the land of nod. Our Settle Petal and Sleepy Soundtrack programs are perfect for getting ready for bedtime, cuddling up under the covers and, most importantly, staying asleep.

You can listen to Settle Petal and Sleepy Soundtrack live on your digital radio, or download the programs in the free Kinderling app for offline listening.

Hear Australia's favourite lullabies (as voted by you)

We asked parents and carers all over the country for their favourite lullabies; both that they sing to their kids, and that were sung to them.

After rigorous testing (snore factor and swiftness of drifting off to sleep) we compiled the most popular lullabies into the ultimate lullaby mixtape.

You can download it on the free Kinderling app or listen through below.

About Dr Anita Collins

Dr Anita Collins, host of The Lullaby Effect podcast, is an award-winning educator, researcher and writer in the field of brain development and music learning. Anita is a children’s book author and has written for The Age, The Conversation, international peer-reviewed journals and the OECD Education Framework 2030.

Watch her TEDx conference video