14 magically easy ideas for a unicorn birthday party

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Unicorn parties have been the rage for years now - and they'll stick around as long as little kids keep loving all things magic and sparkly (ie. forever). You've probably seen a number of perfect blogs, showing perfect pictures of the perfect unicorn party. But you don't need to work yourself to the bone to host a unicorn party that is fun in all the right ways.

We've rounded up some of our favourite easy unicorn party ideas. No tricky-looking unicorn cake in sight (though you can attempt that if you're feeling brave).

First things first: food!

1. Unicorn Popcorn

Step 1: Make popcorn.

Step 2: Unicorn-ify it with some coloured melted chocolate, mini marshmallows and sprinkles.

Step 3: Eat Unicorn-ified popcorn. Easy!

Source: Housewife 2 hostess

2. Unicorn Poop

Stick a label on some colourful mini marshmallows and voila! Your work here is done.

Source: Events to celebrate

3. Unicorn Oreos

All you need to do is half-dip Oreos into white chocolate that has been marbled with drops of pastel food colouring. Hot tip: Use colouring sparingly or the pastels will not be pastel.

Source: A side of sweet

4. Unicorn wafers

Even easier than the marbled Oreos - opt for wafer biscuits and sprinkles!

Source: Housewife 2 hostess

5. Unicorn strawberries

For a fruity dipping alternative, try these magical strawberries!

Source: Pinterest

6. Unicorn Rainbow Pizza

Because what do unicorns eat? Rainbows. Duh.

Source: Livingly

7. Unicorn dip

This multi-coloured dip is actually less gross, healthier and easier to make than it looks. (It's mainly just Greek yoghurt!)

Source: Totally the bomb

Now that we're well fed ... let's think activities!

8. Decorate unicorn horns

As kids arrive, you can get them into the party spirit by decorating an ice cream cone ("unicorn horn") with frosting and edible glitter/trimmings.

Source: Darling Darleen

9. Unicorn fluffy slime station

Kids can play with it at the party, and possibly take it home in their goodie bags (if you don't care about pissing off a whole lot of parents).

Source: Best Ideas for Kids (they have heaps of good slime recipes)

10. Unicorn obstacle course

Every kid likes a good old-fashioned race. In the example below, kids had to "form three lines, and when I said GO the first three crawled through their tunnels, did three hops in the hula hoops, mounted onto their inflated unicorns, and raced to the rainbow!"

Sounds fun to us!

Source: Mother's Niche

11. Unicorn horn ring toss

You can either buy a ring toss game, or make your own! It can be as simple as some cardboard wrapped into a cone shape that kids have to try and throw a hula hoop over. (Use a smaller scale hoop for younger kids.)

Source: Sunnylife

12. DIY Unicorn headbands or masks

Unicorn masks just require some cardboard print outs and coloured textas! Never has it been easier to make a unicorn costume.

Source: Events to celebrate

13. Pin the tail on the unicorn


Source: Pinterest

And now to send them home ...

14. Unicorn goodie bags

A plain white party bag can be transformed into a unicorn with some drawn-on eyes and a well-placed horn. You could even get attendees to decorate their own!

Source: Thrifty and Chic

Feeling brave enough to try your own unicorn cake?

These cute DIY cake kits from Bake Believe guide you through the process and come with everything you need to make your own unicorn cake. 

And just in case you do feel like attempting the beast that is a unicorn cake from scratch - here's a good tutorial: