Watch dad experience 'labour pains' in hilarious experiment

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How would dads cope with the labour pains of birth? Not well, if this 
video experiment from US couple, Chris and Lindsay Balmert, is anything to go by.

Three days before her due date, pregnant mum Lindsay rigs Chris up to a portable TENS machine (which stimulates nerves via an electrical current through your skin) to simulate contractions and ups the intensity all the way. Their safe word is "epidural" - LOL!

Hilariously, his reactions range from "I'm nervous" to "Jesus! That's a long minute!" to "Arghhhhh! Owwwww!". Her reactions range from "I'm not going to kill you" to "this is fun" to lots of laughing.

Of course, many mums would argue a few TENS zaps doesn't even get close to the real-life waves of agony. One Kinderling staffer even suggested the sensor pads should be inside Chris to be in the same ballpark. Now that's an experiment we don't want to see!

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