Mastering the juggle: Top tips from 5 experts to keep all your balls in the air

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Having a family these days can be a juggling act where keeping all the balls in the air can feel overwhelming. Children, work, friends, extended family, 'me time' (ha!) is a lot to keep a handle on.

Our brand new Kinderling Conversation series, The Juggle, will help you find a sense of calm. Featuring our favourite experts you’ll hear practical advice for; everything from leaving the home, to staying on top of housework and bills. Then there’s finding emotional balance, balancing screen time and 'green' time, plus managing as a single parent.

Guests include Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue, mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Stay At Home Mum's Jody Allen, children’s brain development and technology researcher Dr Kristy Goodwin and Beanstalk founder Lucy Good. Check out all their great advice in articles and interviews below!

Organising the family with Mothercraft Nurse Chris Minogue

Of a morning, getting the whole family fed, dressed and out the door can be a massive undertaking! Chris gives her guide on morning, nap time, witching hour and bedtime, to make the process a whole lot easier. Read it here.

Finding emotional balance with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

With little people, a partner, and your own emotional needs, it can all become a lot of pressure. Check out here how Amy draws on her mindfulness practice, plus ideas on how you can stay supportive for all of those that depend on you without burning out.

Running a household with the Stay-At-Home Mum Jody Allen

Hate housework? Jody gives her five essential tips for getting stuff done with kids in tow, read our article here

Technology: a double edged sword for modern parents with Dr Kristy Goodwin

Screens, internet, games... it's all a minefield that we can't possibly know how to perfectly navigate. Kristy shares her no-guilt approach to screentime, and advises how you can balance it with your family in this must-read article.

Perfecting the juggling act of single mum life with Lucy Good

With only one parent in the mix, keeping balls in the air can be doubly as hard. Read here as Lucy shares her experience as a single parent, with steps that could help you too.

Listen to the full series below!