Meet Chezzi Denyer: a mum who doesn't fit into any mould

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Chezzi Denyer is a woman is seems to have done it all! She's worked in television (where she met her husband, Grant), politics, as an Endermologist (Cellulite Massage Therapist), as a Kangaroo mascot ... the amazing list goes on! Chezzi doesn't fit into any mould, as she's self-described, and now she spends most of her time as a housewife, freelance producer, farmer and most importantly – as a mummy to two little delights.

1. What is your favourite thing about being a mother?

The overwhelming amount of love you have for your children. The ability and the want to become a better person to benefit your children.  

2. What’s your favourite thing to do with your children?

I love chasing my girls around the house, singing loudly after bath time, listening to their little squeals of joy! 

3. What is the thing you miss most about life pre-children?

The ability to head out the door spontaneously. The social catch ups where you actually can enjoy a conversation rather than pretending you’re listening while chasing your child with your eyes wondering when they’re likely to bolt on you! 

4. What has been the biggest surprise for you about being a mother?

The absolute myriad of emotions. One minute you’re absolutely smitten with your children, you can’t stop smelling them but then the next minute you’re so incensed by their behaviour you want to run away but then you feel so guilty for being angry.

5. What does 'me time' look like for you?

My 'me time' at the moment consists of my work time or my work out time. I try to hit the gym at least three times a week. This is so important to clear my mind. I also try really hard to work productively when my kids are at school or daycare. With my husband away most of the time, I’m often looking after the girls on my own so 'me time' looks a little different for me I guess.

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