Meet Grant Lyndon, founder of Busydads and determined to change the idea of fatherhood

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We don't often talk about paternal instincts, but Grant Lyndon loves to. In fact, he describes life before kids as "treading water" until "the real game began".

His passion about fatherhood has extended into Busydads, an organisation who provide information, resources and workshops to new dads who need some extra support. Grant shares the top five reflections on dad-life.

1. What is your favourite thing about being a father?

My favourite thing about being a father is the feeling I have when I reckon that I’ve got it right. This doesn’t happen very often, but it’s that feeling I get when I’ve guided or helped shape an outcome for one of my children, but with them being in the drivers seat.  I’ve allowed them enough space to make the decisions and to know that they are making decisions, but still with a guiding hand. Everybody wins then.

2. What’s your favourite thing to do with your children?

My favourite thing to do with my children is different for each child. They’re all at very different stages of development - it could be surfing, playing soccer, completing a puzzle, or doing a wee accurately into the toilet. However, if there was a group fave it would have to be simply laying together watching TV & having cuddles in either the morning or after a long, busy day.

3. What is the thing you miss most about life pre-children?

Most missed 'pre-children' thing….  Being able to do what I want, when I want. Like surfing. 

4. What has been the biggest surprise for you about being a father?

The biggest surprise? How much I learn about myself through my kids. 

5. What does 'me time' look like for you?

'Me time' = meditation, getting a massage, surfing, even simply grabbing half an hour to have a coffee without buying or wiping up spilt babycinos or saying "No" for the hundredth time to a request for an ice-cream at 8.30am.

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