Middle child traits we bet you can spot in your second born

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Middle children are their own special combination of excellent negotiator, adventurous rebel and caring friend. Their second-on-the-scene status means they are often more flexible by nature, as they slot into already-established family life and make their mark.

Here are some of the very excellent qualities you might see in middle kiddos:

1. They're relaxed rebels

While first-borns bore the brunt of discipline, parental anxiety and rules, second-borns are less scrutinised and have more freedom to rebel and be creative.

Their parents don’t have as much time (nor inclination) to impose boundaries and helicopter parent, so middle children have more opportunities to explore and innovate.

2. They're healthier and heavier (at birth, at least!)

Research tells us that second-born (and latter-born) kids are healthier and heavier than their first-born siblings. They’re robust and resilient stock, which is a PLUS!

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3. They're born negotiators

Middle kids often need to hit the ground running, as the first-born has already established their turf and commandeered the lion’s share of attention!

Because of this middle kiddos learn to communicate – and negotiate – expertly just so they can get a look in! It’s a skill that serves them well later in life.

4. They're innovators and trailblazers

The excellent combination of risk-taking and communicating means that middle children are the change-makers and innovators of the family.

A recent study showed 85 percent of middle children were open to new ideas compared to only 50 percent of firsts.

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5. They're justice seekers

The entitlement of the first-born sibling combined with their own negotiating skills mean that the middle child is hung up on fairness, empathy and doing the right thing.

6. They're resilient

Middle children very often get the least attention, so they learn to problem solve more independently -and they also bounce back more readily.

In other words, less parental attention isn’t a bad thing, rather it can set middle kids up for success!

7. They have great social skills

While the baby and the first-born turn to their parents for support, middle kids often turn to their buddies and peers. This sets them in good stead socially.

Easygoing and relaxed, they make excellent friends!

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8. They're entrepreneurial

Middle kids’ ability to be flexible, rebellious, adventurous and communicative means they make perfect entrepreneurs!

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Does this sound like your middle kiddo?

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