ModiBodi founder shares: My top 3 tips for starting your own business when you're a mum

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Post-baby, many parents realise that the careers they once held pre-family no longer suits their lifestyle. So when you know that the job you have isn't a great fit, what do you do?  One option that is increasingly popular is to start your own gig.

In a recent survey, Mums & Co. – a business that supports women starting their own business – found that 77 percent of the 1000 surveyed mums said they were happier running their own business, than working for someone else. Even when it can feel like a hard slog.

Kristy Chong is the founder of Modibodi and the 2018 NSW Businesswoman of the Year. Her business idea to create period-proof underwear came to her while she was on maternity leave.

 “I was suffering from some light bladder leaks as a mum of two children, and I had thought to myself, wow this is horrible, this is embarrassing and what's the solution? It's only disposable hygiene,” Kristy says. “From that … I felt this desire to change what the options were for women.”

Kristy with Kinderling Conversation host Shevonne Hunt, and her patented-technology product.

Even with the best idea in the world, business growth can be slow. Kristy said Modibodi took two years before it even launched. There are technical and strategic steps you need to take when beginning a business, and you may come across several roadblocks on the way.

Here are Kristy’s top three tips for mums looking to start their own business.

1. Network!

“My best advice is to network and connect with as many people as possible because they will connect you to somebody else,” Kristy suggests.

Creating connections with people will help you in the future, as hard as networking may sound to some.

Listen to Kristy on Kinderling Conversation:

2. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And take the time research things that you don’t know.

“We're a great community in terms of human sharing knowledge and information,” Kristy says.

3. Be passionate

To make it work long-term, Kristy says you have to have a personal desire and passion to want to continue. “If you don't have that, it's really hard when you're facing some of those challenges in your business.”

With the inevitable crazy hours, the juggle of family and work life, plus that pesky thing we all need called sleep, passion is what will keep you going when the obvious rewards aren’t yet there.

Kristy says that the benefits that come after all the hard work make it all worthwhile, like the flexibility of being your own boss, the satisfaction of meeting consumer needs, and the excitement of growing your little start-up.

Her final advice to women thinking seriously about starting their own business is, "There is something in being the boss, being the director - not being middle management! You can make the change, and you can make the choice as well.”

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