Motherhood and oodles of love: Clementine Ford's 5 reflections on being a mum

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For author and columnist Clementine Ford, being a mum is all about teaching and discovery. When she isn't touring the country for her books Fight Like A Girl and Boys Will Be Boys, or speaking at events across Australia, she is raising her son with her partner.

Clementine reflects on five things she's learned, reflected on and loves about being a mum.

1. What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

I love watching my son discover new things about his world. He takes such joy in things that we think of as simple, and it reminds me to appreciate things more completely. 

2. What’s your favourite thing to do with your son?

There are so many different answers depending on the day! I love playing chase with him and hearing him giggle. I love teaching him new words and reading books with him. I love snuggling him while we both sleep. An easier question probably is my least favourite thing, which is trying to have a peaceful meal at a venue! 

3. What is the thing you miss most about life before you became a mum?

I really miss those spontaneous nights when you would arrange to meet friends after work, have too many drinks and then crash in each other's beds and wake up with a hangover together. Having to be home at a certain time each night reminds me of how my obligations have changed. 

4. What has surprised you the most about being a parent?

The love. I honestly didn't understand what it would feel like. The fact that it grows and grows every day, even when it feels like it can't get any bigger. It's like magic. 

5. What does 'me time' look like for you? 

I'm pretty lucky because I get to go away a fair bit for work. So me time often involves time in hotel rooms where I can sleep by myself and wake up when I want! 

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