This mum's message perfectly sums up the highs and lows of parenting

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Credit: Patience's Instagram

Parenting – it’s exhilaration, it’s exhaustion, it’s joy, it’s helplessness... all rolled into one.

It’s a feeling we all know but struggle to put into words – which is why this Instagram post from Patience Hodgson, best known as the singer of indie band The Grates and now a mum of two, stopped us in our tracks.

Obviously having ‘one of those days’, Patience ponders the duelling emotions every parent wrestles with on a daily basis in a honest and heartfelt message. Here it is in full:

How is it possible to love my kids soooooooo much & completely acknowledge how many good things I’ve acquired & still feel utterly overwhelmed & down right depressed? Being a Mum is mental. It’s like being on a leash. It’s like being yelled at all day by two tiny voices. It’s like a pile of washing that you can’t put away even though you have tried 4 times. It’s dirty feet even though you haven’t left the house. It’s your shitty bra that you wear while you hit Checkout on a tutu dress for her. It’s a bad nights sleep, every night, for potentially years. And then somehow it’s a super great day & you feel better then fine again. Wow hey WOW! BUT if you related to these feels, just be patient, it all passes. I know this for fact even though it’s often not enough to make you feel better ‘in the moment’ if you know what I mean 🙃

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