Mum’s hilarious guide to housework is the best

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As parents, we fight the war against housework daily. After all, toddlers really are just fun-sized cyclones, leaving a trail of cracker cumbs, wet Weetbix and wee in their wake. What hope do we have?

While plenty of internet guides offer miracle tips for the perfect clean house (does it really exist?), American mum and writer Meredith Ethington has gone the other way, posting this hilarious parody timetable that will have all parents rolling on the (dirty) floor laughing.

Her all-too-real tips include "Consider dusting but just laugh", "Soak dishes in soapy water so it appears you're going to clean them" and our favourite, "Do a smell check for urine in the bathroom".

Speaking to The Huffington Post, the Utah mum of three said: “I kept seeing these Pinterest guides to keeping a clean house by doing X, Y, and Z every week to make it look spotless, and, I thought, well, I can’t even stay on top of the laundry every week, much less vacuum my couch.”

We are with you 100%, Meredith.


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