Melbourne mum to live-stream birth on Facebook

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Credit: The Real Mumma / Facebook

A video camera is the last thing most mums want to see in a delivery room, but mummy blogger Adele Barbaro is actually looking forward to it.

The Melbourne mother, known on social media as ‘The Real Mumma’, has announced she plans to live-stream (live-scream?) parts of her daughter’s childbirth on her Facebook page when she arrives in July.

Don’t worry, she swears it’s going to be “PG Content”, so don’t expect the messy stuff to be spilling into your news feed (thankfully).

In a recent post on Facebook and Instagram, Adele revealed why she's broadcasting the momentous occasion:

“I want to show that child birth is nothing like the movies and you cannot plan for what will happen. I am going to live stream updates of video and imagery of my experience and I can't wait to share it with you.”

She explains her decision came after disappointment and depression surrounding her first birth with son Harvey, which resulted in an emergency caesarean section.

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“When I had Harvey, I had a grand birth plan," she writes. "I knew exactly what I wanted but I was poorly educated and sooo not ready for labour. None of it went to plan. I learnt that expectations can lead to disappointment when it comes to childbirth.”

No doubt this time will be very different with her 35,000+ Facebook fans viewing and cheering her on. Will you be watching?