Mum-tum and giving your midsection some love

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The middle section of the body goes through huge transformation during pregnancy. After all, it’s carrying a whole lot more responsibility than usual. Between 70-100% of pregnant women experience abdominal separation, and while it’s a necessary and natural process to make room for your baby, it’s also worth closing the gap postnatally and it's never too late to give your middle section some love.  

In this week’s episode of Bodyshock we talk to physiotherapist and clinical pilates instructor Petra Koenig from The Studio in Rozelle. Petra helps mums find ways to support their new physique, often rebuilding from the inside out.  

“It’s important to remember, once a mum, always a mum,” says Petra. “Women need to accept their bodies will never feel like they exactly once did – a few stretch marks here and there, wider hips and sometimes even larger feet – might just be something that you’re stuck with. But they’re just war wounds that show you the crazy and powerful process your body has been through, so we just have to embrace that and move on and find the new you and accept it.”

It’s not about six packs, people. We believe the mum-tum should be celebrated as a marker of how damn hard you and your core have worked! But there are wider benefits to strengthening the midsection.  

“I could go on for days about the benefits of core strength,” says Petra. “Maintaining healthy posture and a strong core, it can have positive effects on your digestion, your energy levels, breathing, stress levels, continence and associated self confidence and your sex life.”   

Listen to Petra on Bodyshock:

In this episode Petra also covers:

  • Transverse abdominal muscles and how to activate them (they're the set of muscles that wrap around the lower back and attach to the base of the ribcage)
  • Back pain
  • How to roll out of bed
  • Eating habits
  • Posture
  • Treating aches and pains