Mums reveal their first meal after giving birth

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What did you gobble down the moment your precious newborn popped out? Soft cheese? Sushi? Runny eggs?

Inspired by this glorious image of a mum in hospital right after labour, we ask some of our #Kinderlingfam for their first post-birth meal of choice.

Fancy schmancy

One mum sounds like she’s living the LIFE!

Except for that last bit. A sausage roll after expecting a steak dinner is a MASSIVE letdown.

The boring side

Sometimes you don’t have much of a choice but to inhale whatever the hospital’s got ready for you.

Think a plain old bowl of cornflakes, or a ham and cheese sanga, even run-of-the-mill cheese and crackers.

Though there are moments in life where simpler is better.

Takeaway guilty pleasures

KFC, Subway, Hungry Jacks and McDonald’s seem to run a rip-roaring trade post-pregnancy. Preferred menu items include apple pie, McFlurries, soft serve, pancakes, hash browns and nuggets.

Even while having contractions for some mums!

Sweet treats

For those ladies with gestational diabetes, sugar’s the first thing on the mind! Cornflakes sprinkled with sugar is one commenter’s choice. And this mum also jumped straight back on the sugar train.

Another said she chose fresh banana bread, hot choccie and a bowl of passionfruit yoghurt. Bread and butter pudding also gets a mention.

Antipasto please!

Blue cheese, D'affinois, brie, ham and salami are all common foods that are denied for nine months, and incredibly missed. So it makes sense they're high on the list.

Last but not least - sushi

Sushi and sushimi are super popular choices from mamas desperate for their raw fish fill.

Did we miss any?