There’s now a musical organ entirely made of Furbies

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Furbies first became a phenomenon in the 90s, and they’re still kicking around today. Part plush toy, part robotic, these little things are loved by kids but are also SUPER creepy. That combo of the huge googly eyes, whiny mechanical voice and bizarre mismatching colours are actually super unsettling.

Which is why this crazy organ is even more bizarre.

UK YouTube personality Look Mum No Computer has created the Furby musical instrument, after rediscovering a pipe dream of his from years ago. With help from his Patreon supporters, he’s obtained 44 of the creatures to create a music-making device like no other.

He’s also build custom software that enables each individual toy to play their petrifying shrieks on demand… all while in key.

And we get the inside views of a Furby that we never asked for, but now realise we were kinda always curious about.

Have a listen to the thing, it’s almost beautiful once he starts playing it.

Still makes you almost look forward to the recorders, right?