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After the successful launch of our radio app in February, we’re beyond excited to announce our brand new baby, Tinderling.

Aimed at children aged two-to-seven, this location-based app is designed to find new friends and set playdates in just a couple of clicks. Previously, kids have been limited to school/daycare, the park or family BBQs to meet new mates, but with Tinderling, the world is now their playground.

Easy as A-P-P to use! 

Kids just need to borrow mum or dad’s phone and set up their voice-activated profile and nickname. Then they can browse other profiles based on location, age, common interests (music, stories, games, TV shows, food etc), nap-times and toilet-training skills.

Once they make a match, they can chat, send each other toy pics and organise playdates (with their parents’ permission, of course).

“Kinderling’s always been about building a strong community, and this app really takes that to a whole new level,” explains our Product Operations Officer, Elsa Fromme-Frosson. “With this app, there’s no need to leave friendship to chance. Now kids can find the most compatible companions in the most efficient, targeted way possible.”

Rated S for Super-Safe!

Naturally, your child's safety is paramount and our app takes this very seriously with the latest security features. Members must be aged between two to seven, with a copy of their birth certificate sent in upon joining. Plus parents can monitor every interaction with our special Tinderlinger feature (easily purchased in-app for $9.99).

Comprehensive tested and approved by toddlers

The app has been developed over 12 months, and been thoroughly tested by a panel of child psychologists and 100 random-selected children across Australia. Apart from 17 dropped phones, the trial was a huge success and received overwhelming feedback:

“The park kids still eat sand so I knew I had to move on. Thanks to Tinderling, I’ve swiped right to find the right friends. They don’t even poo their pants!” - user ‘BigKidnow’, aged 2

“My bestie Kim got nits and couldn’t come see The Wiggles with me. So I used the app and found a new playmate in ten minutes” - user ‘IHateVeges’, aged 5

“My daycare pals still play silly Teletubbies but Ninja Turtles are way better. This let me find a new crew who love to kick shell. Cowabunga, Tinderling!” – user ‘Pizzadude’, 4

Get your first month free!

The app's priced at $19.99 (a year) but to celebrate its arrival, kids can try it FREE for a month. Download it now from the Apple and Android stores and come play!


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