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Ever find yourself running out of new ways to keep your kids entertained? Do you get tempted to plonk them in front of the TV just to give yourself a short stint of peace and quiet? Then the all-new Play & Learn section of the free Kinderling app is here to give you an alternative.

A child's learning starts at home - long before they start school - and each show featured on Play & Learn is designed to teach children new things about themselves, their mind and body, and the world around them.

All of our presenters are passionate about expanding kids' minds, and they use listening activities, stories and music to spark young imaginations and inspire creativity. The result? A boost in confidence that will have little ones feeling ready to tackle "big school".

New shows, new hosts!

Miss Sally, Kinderling's Head of Early Leaning and host of Play & Learn, has created a range of new episodes, each featuring lots of shows kids will love.

"There's lots of new stuff in store," shares Sally. "Mr Snot Bottom will take kids on squishy adventures around the human body, they’ll learn all about classical music instruments found in the orchestra with Music Time and Mel-o-dee, and they’ll have a ball learning about other cultures and singing in different languages with our brand-new show, Mother Tongue with Sirine."

Miss Sally, host of Play & Learn.

Of course, you'll still be able to find old favourites like Hear It Make It, Sally Says, meditations for kids, and Music Time with Lah Lah.

Depending on how much time you have, you can listen to full episodes (45 minutes), or pop on your kid's favourite short activity. 

A strong foundation for big school

"I’ve had so much fun producing the new Play & Learn program," says Miss Sally. 

"It’s a really fun and interactive program with lots of bite-sized activities parents can play for their child at home or on the go, and it's co-designed with early childhood educators to encourage active listening in our littlest learners. This skill is really important to encourage in young kids because it develops their literacy and comprehension, improves their language and communication skills and gives them a strong foundation for big school."

Play & Learn is currently being adopted by G8 Education centres across Australia, one of the country's largest daycare providers. It's a development that G8's Pedagogy & Practice Manager, Melinda Miller, is very excited about.

"(Kinderling's) audio-based content supports children’s receptive and expressive language skills which are critical for successful communication across the lifespan," shares Melinda. 

"Of most importance are receptive language skills – the ability to comprehend what is being said. As children listen and engage with (Play & Learn), there are opportunities for them to learn about movement and how their bodies work, how stories are structured, the richness of a range of languages, and how to label and self-regulate their emotions."

"The mindfulness content also supports children’s emotional rhythms across the day as they engage in new and sometimes challenging experiences and group-based learning."

Check out our new episodes of Play & Learn on the free Kinderling app, or online here.