Our new Bodyshock podcast explores what kids do to your body and mind

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Join Shannon O’Meara and Alice Fenton on our new Bodyshock podcast as they chat to midwives, sexologists, sleep psychologists, OB/GYNs, GPs, mums and more about everything they wish they’d known in the first year of having a baby. 

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Listen now (warning: some adult language)

Here’s a run-down of what to expect:

Episode 1: WTF?! 

Hair loss, poor eyesight, mum-thumb, super-sonic hearing, giant feet… This episode does some mythbusting, dissecting the long list of things that can apparently happen to your body after baby.

Episode 2: Sleep

From the moment bub’s born, everything seems to revolve around their sleep. But what about parents? How do we adjust to disrupted sleep? Welcome to sleep school, for grown-ups.

Episode 3: Boobs

Lactation consultant and midwife Lynne McKensey Hall joins the team to chat about the hardworking boob soldiers, who often return from war not quite the same.   

Episode 4: Libido

How often? How good? How different to ‘before’? How on earth do you find the time?! This episode explores the broad range of feelings people experience about sex post-kids.

Listen to Alice on Kinderling Conversation:

Episode 5: Midsection

Abdominal separation, poor posture, and how to repair and strengthen your core. If you don’t know what TVA stands for you will soon.

Episode 6: Head and Heart

This episode dives a bit deeper, looking at the impact that having kids can have on our sense of self, and the often-overwhelming emotions that come with the territory.

Episode 7: Hormones

This episode focuses on how hormonal changes present themselves emotionally and physically, and what you can do to help reset the balance and start to feel like yourself again. 

Episode 8: The Vadge Episode

This episode covers all things related to your hoo-ha, front bum, fanny, muff and beaver. Everything below the belt - all the fun, squeamish stuff. BYO pearls to clutch.

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