New web tool tells exhausted parents how much sleep they’ve lost

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We’re unsure if this is a good or bad thing… There’s now a ‘lost sleep calculator’ to tell you exactly how much sleep you’ve lost thanks to bub! This thing will either be your best friend, or your worst enemy (or both, let’s be honest).

Calculate your fatigue

The Lost Sleep Calculator for Parents invites you to add your child’s ages and they’ll do some speedy sums behind the scenes, and let you know not only how many hours sleep you’ve lost, but they’ll also convert that into the corresponding total days and months!

“Mums and dads expect to lose a little sleep as their baby grows,” the app’s makers, window covering maker Hillary’s says. “Now parents can find out exactly how much shut-eye they’ve lost over the years.”

Not just sleep…

Not only can you dwell on the countless hours you’ve spent helping your child while away the nighttime hours. There’s actually even MORE to this metric-obsessed app. 

The clever calculator will tally up how many nappies you’re likely to have changed, it’ll estimate how many bedtime stories you’ve busted out and will also reveal how many lullabies you may have sung!

Sleep deprivation

The site also includes some of the hilarious, deluded things parents have done as they battled these hefty sleep debts, too.

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These missteps include rocking the cat to sleep, putting phones in the fridge, sloshing breastmilk into coffee and wearing completely different shoes on each foot.

The writer of this very post has three very grown up children. When I put their ages in and noted the years of sleep I’d lost, I had to restrain myself from taking a nap from the shock. My results explained so much about my dipping energy level and growing tendency to forget stuff/not form complete adult thoughts. Perhaps you feel that way too?

Yes, how about you?! How many months (or years) of sleep have YOU missed out on? 

This article was originally published on Babyology.