Nope to nappies: Pay someone else to change your kids

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Look, nobody enjoys changing baby’s nappies, but would you really pay someone to do it for you?

Introducing Nappy 999, a nappy changing service that’s just been launched in the UK that promises to get to you within 10 minutes.

According to, the business is building a “network of emergency responders" who will change a nappy for £5 ($A9), a pop, depending where you are.

The service fee covers the cost of a fresh nappy and the disposal of the soiled nappy.

If it sounds like a bit of a joke…

That’s because it was …The whole nappy changing service concept started as an April Fool’s Joke at, an online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors.

Co-founder Richard Conway told that they knew changing nappies was one of the most loathed parenting chores, but hadn’t anticipated the reaction they’d get to offering a service to outsource the problem.

“We knew we wanted to do something to mark April Fool’s Day this year and do something that is quite obviously a joke but also fun, but we never anticipated it would take off quite like this — who would have thought that nappy changing is a genuine service that’s in demand?”

What are the nappy changers credentials?

Somewhat surprisingly, Richard said have been inundated with job applicants and they already have 100 nappy changers on board.

To be eligible for the job, applicants will need one year of childcare experience, and an enhanced criminal background check.

War weary parents needn’t apply.