One simple ritual could put bad screen time habits to bed (literally)

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Over the weekend America celebrated the "National Day of Unplugging" - a day that gets people to take a digital detox by switching off for 24 hours.

Why I unplug...

Those who participated were encouraged to take to social media (prior to switching off, of course) to share their reasons for unplugging. Some said it was to let loose, others wanted more time to exercise, others hoped it would help them sleep better. However, it seems the most popular reason people want less tech time in their days is to allow them to spend more quality time with their family. 

Put it to bed

While the idea of "National Day of Unplugging" is good in itself, there was one initative that really caught our attention: the screen sleeping bag.

Yes, it's essentially just a bag that you can put your phone in when it - not you - needs to go to sleep. It sounds simple, but the with a bit of added creativity it could go a long way in establishing healthy screentime habits for your kids.

A designated place for screens to sleep gives parents a tangible way of explaining to kids that once the phone, iPad or laptop goes to bed for the night, it's not "waking up" until the next day. If your child is small, you can even get them to say "goodnight" to the screen before popping it away. 

Time to get crafty!

There are some cute phone sleeping bags available for purchase on Etsy, but you could just as easily turn the idea into a fun craft activity to make with the kids.

An old sock could be decorated with fabric pens or felt and turned into a bed for a phone. An old beanie could become a sleeping bag for an Ipad, and an old laptop protector/case could be decorated as a bedtime spot for a laptop.

Remember, if your kids help make something like this, they're far more likely to respect the rules in place around them!

Let us know if you give it a try. We'd love to see what DIY sleeping bags you come up with!