Opinion: Judging new parents won't bring back the "good old days"

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Face palm! Older parents need to stop judging newer ones

Shevonne Hunt is the host of our parenting show Kinderling Conversation 

So, I was innocently reading Alan Stokes' review of the upcoming Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie in the Sydney Morning Herald for work when I came across this passage:

"So in the new film we are transported back to a time when we were allowed as children to confront life for what it brings, rather than having it thrust down our throats in some pre-ordained, dictated manner to suit the corporate world, social media or parents who cannot envisage failure for their offspring, if they can find enough time between coffee shop gatherings to know what the kids are up to."

And that, my friends, got my blood boiling. I'm sick of other, older parents judging people who are parenting now. I don't know any parents (and I know many) who spend all their time at "coffee shop gatherings". The parents I know are working hard and trying to give their kids the best life they know how.

Parenting today is different because the world is different. I very much doubt Alan had to worry about online predators or teaching his kids cyber safety. I doubt that parenting was as "intense" then as it is today... and there are many social and economic reasons for this (advances in research on what's best for kids, more women in the workforce, less "village" support for families with young children).

How easy it is to sit in judgement of parents today, wearing rose-coloured glasses and getting all nostalgic about the past?

If Alan knew anything about parenting today he would understand that there is enough parental judgement going around and we really don't need any more.

Having said all that it does appear that Peanuts movie is very family friendly for the under fives... if you are inclined to stop drinking coffee long enough to take them.

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