Pantyhose Bowling: a game of balance, coordination and gross-motor skills

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This is an excerpt from Alice Zsembery's book Real Kids, Real Play: 150+ Activities to do around the home using household itemsactivities about bringing real childhood back.

We all want to be the best parent that we can be and provide mostly beautiful, sometimes challenging and always energetic children with the best opportunities in life.

But on a not-so-optimal day (or let's face it, most days) I cannot even find enough creativity to dress myself beyond the clean items in the washing basket that haven't made it back into the wardrobe, let alone devise and plan an inspirational play session for my children.

This activity is by an exhausted Mum for an exhausted Mum. And Dad. And Grandparent. And Carer...

Pantyhose bowling

What you need

  • Pair of old pantyhose
  • Ball, orange or other round object to put in stocking
  • Plastic cups or other target

Age Guide: two to five years old.

Grab a pair of your old pantyhose, cut off one full leg and put a ball in it. Tie it around your child’s waist so that the ball is almost touching the ground, and then let them swing at targets, such as disposable cups or another ball.

This is a great game of balance, coordination and gross-motor skills. Most importantly, it will keep children in stitches of laughter as it is just so different from their regular games.

You can switch it up by having a series of upturned cups that need to be knocked over or by having another ball/orange that they need to hit with their ball to move into a target (such as a laundry basket). If your child finds an orange or apple too heavy, try a lighter item such as a tennis ball.

Handy Hint: You can also create a new challenge by putting the open end of the stocking on your child’s head like a beanie (be sure not to cover eyes, nose or mouth)!