This mum’s easy nappy pack hack is genius

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As a parent, just leaving the house with a little one can feel like a mission. For starters, you need to pack nappies, nappy bags, changing mat, wet wipes and the obligatory spare clothes, just in case it all goes to crap. Usually, we forget at least one of them and don't find out 'til it's too late. 

Enter Californian mum Liz Rasco and her awesome hack for carrying these essentials in one easy box. Since posting her ‘accidental discovery’ on her Facebook page, it’s quickly spread around the world and been shared over 100,000 times.

Liz's invention bundles nappies, nappy bags, a change mat, spare clothes and wipes into one nifty box. Credit: Liz's Facebook page.

Her MacGyver-like invention takes a plastic wet-wipes box and decks it out with smaller packet of wipes up top (held in place by a cheap headband) and uses the rest of the box for nappies, bags, a mat and even spare clothes.

Liz currently has a newborn so obviously she can pack more in, but this should work for older kids too (just with a couple less nappies). Simple and effective, and she's even improved on the idea since first posting.


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