Pissed-off Peppa: Our favourite pink pig has new-found attitude

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Peppa Pig is omnipresent in many a family’s home across the world – much to the chagrin of fed-up parents.

But suddenly Peppa’s gotten all sassy, and she holds a whole lot more appeal for us grownups.


An hilarious episode of Peppa Pig saw the popular kids’ character totally lose her sh*t at her girlfriend Suzy. This pissed-off pal sitch played out a little bit like this:

Peppa is sad. She can’t whistle and she needs to talk it out. She tells her mum, who dismisses her with a bored “never mind”. So Peppa rings up her friend Suzy Sheep for a heart-to-heart instead.

Suzy tells Peppa she can’t whistle either and that whistling “sounds hard”. Peppa is SO GLAD Suzy’s a whistle-fail too, gushing “oh good!” at her friend’s lack of skills. Peppa quickly remembers her manners, but we’ve already seen the monster within and it’s too late to turn back now. #OHGOOD!

A naive Suzy then asks Peppa what whistling even is, and we smell a rat. Maybe she was dumbing down her whistling abilities?

Peppa fills her in and gives her some short instructions on how to whistle. Lo and behold Suzy then whistles perfectly down the phone line.

What does Peppa do? Congratulate her friend? Squeal happily? NO. She hangs the phone up.

No “well done, Suzy”. No “goodbye”. Just “CLICK”. #Monster

Check it out:


The people of Twitter and beyond are loving Peppa’s snotty sass and have promptly turned her into a meme. Some have stooped a titch lower, body shaming this popular pig for a number of (understandable) reasons.

“Anybody else notice her head is shaped like a whistle??” one Twitter user queried.

“I thought it looked like a hair dryer,” another suggested.

“I just want someone to explain why both her eyes are on one side of their face, no matter which way she turns,” someone else demanded.

‘Never mind’

The fact that a “never mind”-ing Mummy Pig was less than supportive also did not go unnoticed.

“Not only is this my favourite for the way she ends the call, but also for her mum dismissing her with a ‘never mind’,” one commenter posted.

“The mom’s “never mind” gets me every time,” another agreed.

We’ve all been Peppa at one time or another, perhaps not rude brave enough to put the phone down as we grapple with feelings of envy or disappointment, but certainly dreaming of responding so decisively.


 This article was originally published on Babyology.