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Do you love Kinderling's podcasts? From newborns to grownups, we've got something for everyone. This year Kinderling is part of the Australian Podcast Awards. The best part is your votes count!

Is Bedtime Explorers the only way to get your kids to sleep? Maybe Kinderling Conversation is your parenting saviour?

The most popular podcast category is picked by everyday Aussies, so why not vote for your favourite. Plus you can vote for more than one podcast, so why not vote for as many as you love. Go on, you know you want to. Click on the description under your favourite podcast below, register to vote, and it's as simple as clicking the THUMBS UP logo at the top of the page..

How to vote.

  1.  If you have a Submittable account, log in and go to Step 4.
  2. If not, you will be asked to create one.
  3. Once you do, you will receive an email from Submittable that asks you to click on a link in the email to validate your email address. Now you will be logged in.
  4. Click on your favourite podcast/s, hit the thumb in the top left corner to vote. When the thumb button turns blue, it means your vote has gone through!

Voting closes April 1st (no fools we promise) so get voting!

Bedtime Explorers 

Before you escape to the land of nod, vote for Bedtime Explorers by clicking here 

The Beanies: Imagination Station 

Let off steam and climb aboard by clicking here to vote for The Beanies: Imagination Station in the Australian Podcast Awards.

The Lullaby Effect 

Tune in and sing our praises by voting for The Lullaby Effect  at the Australian Podcast Awards by clicking here.

Your Family Your Money

Invest in quality podcasts by banking your voting cheque for Your Family Your Money here, registering and clicking on the thumbs up icon.

Kinderling Conversation 

To give your fellow parents and carers the hat tip they deserve, vote for Kinderling Conversation click here and give a big thumbs up.

The Parent Panel 

If you ever get 30 minutes to yourself you know how priceless that time can be. If you love The Parent Panel, and all the laughs that come along with it, you can vote for it here.


Breathe a sigh of relief, the first year of parenting is made easier with Shannon and Alice from the Bodyshock podcast. Click here to cast your vote for Bodyshock.