Missing Kinderling Kids Radio on your digital radio? Just rescan

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Hey Kinderling fam! We have some VERY important news to share.

On Sunday 1 July, Kinderling Kids Radio might have suddenly disappeared from your digital radio. But don’t worry – we’re still here.

All you have to do is rescan your digital radio, and we’ll be right back where we should be when you search for 'Kids'.

How do I rescan my radio?

1. Turn on your radio
2. Select DAB+
3. Select a station and listen to the audio, this shows that you can receive the DAB+ signal
4. Press the menu button, this shows a selection of commands, select 'full scan'.  The select button is often the Volume knob, simply press it once.
5. The radio will now scan for all available stations and usually show a progress bar.
6. Once the scan is complete the radio will return to the previous selected station. Search for 'kids' to find Kinderling Kids Radio.

A quick how-to-guide on how to rescan for channels on a DAB+ radio:

(And if you listen to Kinderling Kids Radio via our free app, our website, podcasts, Spotify or Apple Music, you don’t need to worry at all! We won’t be going anywhere from there.)